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Kansas City vs Chicago Wheat Alive and Kicking

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Published by: Peter Karaverdian


Hello Traders Around The World! I hope all is well to you in these times. Let's get into it! One of the best things we have no matter what the world throws at us, is the opportunity to sit down almost anywhere in the world and simply using our experience, knowledge, and technology provided to us by our providers, sit down and put on a good trade. Whether it is swing trading a futures spread, or catching the bottom of an intraday profile and riding it back up on the ES or NQ or DAX.

Kansas City vs. Chicago Wheat Futures Spread has been a popular and winning trade for large funds, speculators, producers and US, the small traders.  

On our 1 Hour Fortes Edge Charts we triggered a clear long signal from the -63's.

Our 4 Hour Anchor Chart has confirmed this to us and also has shown some signs of weakness or a pullback. Since October 29th this spread at $50 per point and less then about $1200 in margin to hold one spread is currently at the price of -42.6, Roughly a total Unrealized profit of 19 points or $950 per spread.  Total Risk more or less if this trade reversed at the original entry would have been 3-4 points tops. So far a great trade!