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Exploiting Hedge Opportunities in the Markets

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Published by: Peter Karaverdian

The Relativity Trade:

This last several weeks our traders have been capitalizing on a pretty popular Futures Spread trade inthe Wheat vs Corn Markets. Simply by simultaneously buying one futures contracts and selling another we createa spread, or pairs trade that helps mitigate our risk, and depending on your broker reduce the cost of entry into the trade.

How are people exploiting these markets though? You have your Seasonal Traders, followed by your fundamental traders. I found throughout the years that trading seasonality should not be 100 percent relied on, in addition I find fundamental data can be distributedtoo soon or sometimes too late and relying on ones opinion I have seen become a 50/50 gamble.

Why don't we take a step back and look at the way I teachall my traders a short, simple, ONE GLANCE way to view the markets short to mid term, (which we found over the years short to mid term to be much more profitable when used with our knowledge) and have a ZERO BIASED OPINION approach. One that uses our proprietaryForte's Edge System, known as the Bread and Butter Strategy of our group?

The Setup:

No matter what it is we look at, Futures, Spreads, Forex, and or Stocks, you can utilize our charting strategy for high probability results. Trade on your own what you see, not what you think, or others tell you how to think.

Now I am a Futures Spread Trader, meaning, my system shows people all about the Futures Spreads markets. What it is? Who are the key players? What is Seasonality? How to find tradeable markets? Also we offer an edge with our broker platform providor to offer the best solution for your bottom line cost of doing business in the futures markets.

But.....It doesn'tall just start and end right there. Taking our knowledge in the Futures Spread Markets, and our ForteTrader Bread and Butter Strategy will leave you with a technical edge that you can take into other markets and deploy on your favorite stocks, options, and forex. And although we haven't explored the Crypto markets, I will not doubt that our system works great there.

If you are not a subscriber toFortetraderthen subscribe atForteTrader.net try it outforfree! You may alsoclick here to registerfora pre recorded webinar!

Check out these charts below, they are all different markets. AUDUSD, (Forex), Live Cattle/ Lean Hog, (futures spread), Wheat/Corn (Futures Spread), Ebay (Stocks)
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