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Cotton futures are currently 65 to 68 points lower at midday, despite the US dollar showing sharp losses. The USDA reported that 354,825 bales of upland cotton was classed during the week of Feb 8. That would bring the total for the 2017/18 crop to 18.243 million bales. The USDA Adjusted World Price or AWP was updated to 69.45 cents/lb Thursday morning. The Cotlook A index on February 12 was 87.55 cents/lb, up 15 points from the previous day. Cash sales reported on the Seam were shown at 9,558 bales, with the average price down 200 points from the previous day at 69.01 cents/lb

Mar 18 Cotton closed at 75.790, down 66 points,

May 18 Cotton closed at 76.770, down 68 points

Jul 18 Cotton closed at 77.790, down 65 points

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